Benefits of Pilates for Women Over 50

Pilates is a type of workout that increases the strength and flexibility of your core muscles. What makes Pilates beneficial is that it can be done by almost anyone at any fitness level, making Pilates the one of the best workouts for women over … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Tanning and Why you Should Protect Your Skin from the Sun

If you're a woman who worships the sun, it's important to understand the dangers of tanning and how it can damage your skin. Unfortunately, despite warnings, too many people continue to tan.  Many still believe that having a tan makes them look … [Read more...]

5 Super Flattering Plus Size Bathing Suits for Women Over 40

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Best Makeup For Dark Circles-Tips To Cover Them Up

  Do you have under eye dark circles that won't go away? It’s something that many women struggle with and while we search for the underlying cause and treatment, in the meantime the only thing we can do is find the best makeup for dark circles … [Read more...]

The Healthy Ways to Reward Your Weight Loss Efforts When Dieting

So you may think that you’re not supposed to reward yourself when you're dieting. Many weight loss experts may say it but what they don’t always tell you is how you should reward your weight loss efforts when dieting. The truth is that finding … [Read more...]

A Super Stylish and Flattering Plus Size Bathing Suit

Whether you are a plus size full figured gal or just have areas of your figure that you wish were smaller, its still amazing how stylish and attractive you can look with just the right bathing suit. I've always felt that as women gets older, its … [Read more...]

Over 100 Years How Women’s Swimsuits Styles Have Changed and Still Flatter

"This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links." Wow, have you ever stop to think about how women's bathing suits have changed over the years? Think back to the 1900's when … [Read more...]

Stair Stepper Workouts and Their Weight Loss Benefits

  Stair stepper workouts have always been popular for toning and losing weight. They help build cardio strength and improve vascular health. If you lead a busy life and find it hard to get to a gym, a stair stepper workout machine, (or … [Read more...]

Help for Menopause and Insomnia – When you Can’t Sleep

I can remember being in my early forties when I first noticed signs of menopause and insomnia. I was tired all the time and yet I still was getting my period, so I did not think my sleep loss was related to menopause. But my monthly cycle had gotten … [Read more...]

Why Attitude is Your Most Important Weight Loss Tool

More than the perfect diet or exercise plan, your attitude is going to be your most important tool as you try to lose weight. Without the right attitude it doesn’t matter how great your diet plan is. Your attitude is what gets you to stick to … [Read more...]