The Healthy Ways to Reward Your Weight Loss Efforts When Dieting

So you may think that you’re not supposed to reward yourself when you're dieting. Many weight loss experts may say it but what they don’t always tell you is how you should reward your weight loss efforts when dieting. The truth is that finding … [Read more...]

Why Attitude is Your Most Important Weight Loss Tool

More than the perfect diet or exercise plan, your attitude is going to be your most important tool as you try to lose weight. Without the right attitude it doesn’t matter how great your diet plan is. Your attitude is what gets you to stick to … [Read more...]

How to Motivate Your Friend Who is Trying to Lose Weight

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Dealing With Weight Loss Disappointment When You Get Off Track

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3 Common Weight Loss Motivation Mistakes to Avoid

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Leslie Sansone: Walk it Off in 30 Days Review

One of the biggest problems with workout DVDs is they’re usually not easy to just do. They take extra equipment, you need specific form and there is no one to check if you’re doing it right, or they’re just plain too difficult for someone new to … [Read more...]

UP 24 Jawbone Review

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband Review

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How to Avoid Going Back to Old Eating Habits After Losing Weight

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Is Your Mindset Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Do you have a weight loss mindset? Weight loss success requires change. You’ll change your eating habits, you’ll change your level of activity, and if you really want to succeed you’ll also change the way you think. If you find yourself failing to … [Read more...]