Benefits of Pilates for Women Over 50

Pilates is a type of workout that increases the strength and flexibility of your core muscles. What makes Pilates beneficial is that it can be done by almost anyone at any fitness level, making Pilates the one of the best workouts for women over … [Read more...]

Leslie Sansone: Walk it Off in 30 Days Review

One of the biggest problems with workout DVDs is they’re usually not easy to just do. They take extra equipment, you need specific form and there is no one to check if you’re doing it right, or they’re just plain too difficult for someone new to … [Read more...]

Protein Versus Carbs – Foods that Provide the Best Workout Fuel

There is on going debate within the fitness community as to the best source of workout fuel. This argument takes place both in gyms and online fitness forums and is a source of fierce disagreement from both sides. While experts almost unanimously … [Read more...]

7 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Tired of your sagging booty or working out your hard and getting no results for your buns? If you are looking for some quick and simple to perform exercises to tone your bottom, here is a great list of moves to shape up your bottom. Barbell … [Read more...]

Best Jump Rope Workout

A jump rope is something that every celebrity uses at least once in their workout montage. Well, at least, I know I remember when I dreamed of being just like Rocky Balboa. It comes as a surprise that what you thought was a toy before could … [Read more...]

Aerobics 101: Benefits For Fitness And Weight Loss

When you are exercising and you start to work up a sweat and your heart starts pumping, that's known as aerobics. Aerobics is basically any activity that you can sustain for several minutes while your lungs, muscles and heart put in extra work. … [Read more...]

9 Major Benefits of Running and Preparation Tips For Beginners

Running is one of the most effective and beneficial forms of exercise. It’s great for health, weight management, vitality and much more. Preparation For Running Beginners 1. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet to provide fuel for your body … [Read more...]

9 Benefits Of Pilates And How This Workout Works

Pilates is a workout routine that was introduced to the masses in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates. The main purpose of Pilates is perfect body coordination with emphasis on strengthening the body and obtaining perfect spinal alignment for proper … [Read more...]

Benefits of Elliptical Trainer Workouts

Walk in any gym and you are bound to see elliptical trainers in the cardio area. This is because they are easy to use and provide you with a great workout. Did you know that if you do an elliptical trainer workout for just one hour and you can burn … [Read more...]

What is the Tabata Workout and 9 Tabata Exercises

This workout only takes four minutes in a session; therefore it is ideal for a single mom pressed for time. Furthermore, a busy Executive will be happy to keep fit through Tabata. That said it is important to know that Tabata is not for the faint … [Read more...]