Over 100 Years How Women’s Swimsuits Styles Have Changed and Still Flatter

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High Waisted Women's Swimsuit Styles

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Wow, have you ever stop to think about how women’s bathing suits have changed over the years?

Think back to the 1900’s when women’s bathing suits were more like dresses that offered a lot of coverage.

In fact it was Annette Kellerman who designed her own swim dress in 1907 and got detained by police for indecent exposure.

In 1921 Janzen innovated women’s bathing suits by creating the first elastic swimsuit that added shape and was more practical for swimming.

Women’s bathing suits from the 1940’s seem to make strides to be smaller and shapelier. The 1940’s were all about American GI’s and pin-up girls.

And by the 195o’s and 1960’s the two-piece and bikini where more widely seen across beaches everywhere.

Fast forward  to these days and we see twenty-something women on spring break in bikini’s that cover less than a decent pair of panties with a bra. But that’s not a look that most mature women want to achieve.

If you look at where the trends in women’s swimsuit styles have been over the years, I honestly can say I love seeing swimsuits that focus more on fashion and style and less on showing more skin. Don’t you agree?

From these flattering high waisted swimsuits with a retro flair to this form-fitting shirred swimsuit that looks like it could have worn by a classic Hollywood starlet, these bathing suits seem to be bringing classic retro styling back in a big way.

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Women's Swimsuit Styles Over the Past 100 Years

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