How to Stay Positive When Trying to Lose Weight

Staying positive when you’re trying to lose weight is easy when you’re seeing results. When you hit a plateau or start to fall off track it’s a totally different ball game. How do you stay positive even when you’re not losing as much weight as you … [Read more...]

Getting Motivated to Lose Weight

It can be difficult to start a weight loss plan, but getting motivated to lose weight is the most important aspect to losing weight. You know you need to get in better shape and lose those extra pounds, but having the desire and motivation to do so … [Read more...]

Top Ways to Burn More Calories this Winter

Once the cold months hit it seems harder than ever to find the time to exercise. It’s too cold and icy for running, you can’t swim outdoors, and most summer activities aren’t practical anymore. Don’t worry though, you can still get a good workout and … [Read more...]